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Thursday, September 27, 2018


Position : Melting Supervisors

Education : Graduation/Post Graduation in DME / BE
Experience : 03 to 05 years experience in Melting Dept. worked as Supervisor

1. Knowledge of Aluminum Pressure Die Casting
2. Knowledge of die design. 
3. Knowledge of TPM methodology. 
4. Awareness of manufacturing cost control. 
5. IATF Awareness 
6. EHS Awareness. 
7. Why Why Analysis. 

Job Description:
1. Ensure that the Furnace parameters, Burner angle/opening, FO etc. are set to optimal melting conditions
2. Ensure 
a. Metal temperatures in main melting, transfer ladle, before degassing, after degassing and in holding furnace, 
b. Ratio of virgin metal and foundry return in melt charge,
c. Optimum degassing parameters
d. Dosing process to minimize dross 
3. Shop floor safety in all operations and handling.
4. Ensure metal availability in holding furnace since start of shift up to end of shift.
5. T. P.M.Activites.
6. Ensure Why-why analysis after each abnormality / failure / breakage and present data to the management every week.
7. Ensure 1S / 2S conditions on the shop floor at all times.
8. Try to generate Kaizens from W-W analysis. Review implementation, results and Sustenance of such Kaizens.
9. Ensure that CLIT is done by All Operators on machines.
10. Coordinate closely with Maintenance Department for Breakdown as well as Preventive Maintenance.
11. Prepare and maintain Melting Report MIS and forward to the concerned in 1st Shift.
12. Ensure discipline and overall administrative control on the shop floor

How to apply : Interested applicants may send their CV's to click the below shown Contact / Dropdown menu ===>>